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Jonathon Nazario : The Young Visionary

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This podcast brings a different perspective to my usual conversations, because unlike most of my guests Jonathon Nazario is just 17 years old, which from my aged (57 year old) perspective is the very beginning of life’s experiences.

His book is called Society, The World In Which We Live and is a self-help philosophical mix, that is his take on the world highlighting human behaviour, education, and the business world.

When I was approached by this young author through one of the podcast matching sites. I have to admit, my old cynic reared it’s head and said

“What can a 17 year old possibly know about Life, Passion and Business?”

Intrigued to know more, I followed through with an introductory chat that turned into a refreshing conversation and an invitation to come on the podcast.

In this programme we discuss his personal view of success, contribution and the meaning of life. Jonathon has big plans for the future and he has a vision for himself that includes exceeding any of his personal expectations.

Despite being an old cynic, it is refreshing to hear the perspective of one so young. With his positive mindset, it is likely Jonathon will fulfil his vision and I hope I have the opportunity to catch up with him again in 10 years time to see how things are going.


3.00 Passionate

3.40 Efficiency is key

6.00 Finding the best information is not online

8.30 How the book was written in 90 hours

11.00 Using time and effort effectively

14.00 Optimization and results

16.00 Creation of a new Para dime using the book to solve a problem

18.00 How to build a house

21.00 Motivational speakers that follow their own advice

25.00  What is success

27.00   Wanting a billion $

32.00 Contribution and the book he plans to write

33.00   Living to 100

35.00 The power of debate

If you would like to catch up with Jonathan, you can find him on all the usual social channels and his book is available from


How are you this January?

For many people it is the toughest month of the year, partly because of the hiatus of Christmas and the hard landing into one of the coldest months (at least in the Northern hemisphere). This year we have a few additional things going on in the world which can make it extra tough all round. That said, although there are many things that are out of our control, the one thing we do have the power to change is our thinking.

So what it boils down to is… How is your thinking this January?

Happiness comes from within. There’s no doubt about it, you’ll only be happy when you’re happy on the inside and external happiness is only a short lived experience.

If you need support with this, I have a publication on the publications page entitled Habitual Happiness. The value of that book is £12.99

Or, if you provide a review of this podcast on any podcast app or website, I will send you a Free copy of the book as a thank you. (Just send me a screenshot of the review and I will send you a download link in return).

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