Ghostwriting is the skill of making the words of others sound good and interesting enough to keep people reading. Our guest on the show is a professional ghostwriter with over 80 books to his credit. Plus, a few of his own. 

Joshua Lisec has become so well-known for his skill at bringing these books together that his name often appears on the cover.   

Born in the USA, Joshua’s early life was unusual as he was home-schooled. It is more common now, but 30 years ago, it was rare. His education was unstructured and self-guided. Part of it was reading every page of the 1976 bicentennial edition of the Encyclopedia Americana.

His unschooling gave him a general knowledge base on just about everything. It did not stop him from continuing into university, where he got hooked on academic life and collected 3 degrees, one of them in business.

However, by his own admission, he left the university with no usable skills. He got a job in the telecommunication industry, working on standard operating systems and procedures.

The process taught him how to analyse systems and became the foundation of his work with entrepreneurs as the ghostwriter of their books. 

While working on the SOP project, he had the sense that it would not be a career, but that was confirmed by his supervisor, who said, “Your skillset is bigger than this job; you should be a professional writer.

Professional Writing

Taking her at her word, that is what he did, writing several fiction novels. That was 11 years ago, and he has been a professional writer ever since.

Our conversation is about his journey into becoming a ghostwriter and how his work has shifted out of the shadows, where clients ask him to collaborate with them and have his name on the cover.

We touch on how AI will impact writing and the industry’s future.  Apparently, it is easy to detect, and there are some positive benefits.

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