Joy or joyful, how would you like to experience more joy in your life? Where do you get it from, and is there a difference between experiencing joy and being joyful? I was discussing it on a call, and someone reminded me that one is a noun and the other a verb. A thing and an action.

On the show, we are exploring this idea of happiness and expressing or experiencing it in the form of joy. 

The conversation was sparked by returning to a book on my Kindle list. “Joyful The surprising power of ordinary things to create extraordinary happiness.”  By Ingrid Fetell Lee

According to the book, we’ve made our lives too comfortable; we’ve taken away the surprise element of having to work with our environment, we’ve stripped out the colour, and in doing so, we stopped inspiring or stimulating ourselves. The process has cut us off from the ability to experience joy in its simplest form.

We explore those ideas, and I encourage you to find more joy in your life.

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