Wouldn’t it be amazing or WIBA is a phrase coined by Karen Darke and she uses it to dream up adventures and possible outcomes for her life.

As promised on the weekend show, here is the recording with Karen Darke from our 2020 event Reasons and Results. The talk was titled wouldn’t it be amazing and explores Karen’s process with mindsets and motivation and the route to Olympic Gold.

So who is Karen Darke. A google search will tell your she is a British Adventurer, she is a Paralympic Cyclist, Para-triathlete, Explorer and Author.

In her youth Karen trained as a Geologist and was a crazy mountain climber with no fear of heights. Until at 23 she had a serious fall and was paralysed from the chest down. The path of her life changed at the moment.

While the route was not a straight line it turned her into the adventurer she is today, she has skied, and cycled on all continents and is he proud owner of Gold Medal from the Rio Olympics.

Our conversation explores the path of her Olympic journey and so much more. In the show she is planning an adventure in to Arctic circle and I know she completed that journey over Christmas 2022.

Reason and Results

It was a Five day event we ran in August 2020 and featured 20 speakers looking at motivation, inspiration and tools to get you moving. Even thought that event is nearly 3 years old. The material is as relevant as it was the day we recorded. It was about creating the life you want post Covid.

Well Covid hung a bit longer than expected and for many life is still to be created.

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