This week’s podcast guest is Keith Blakemore-Noble : #1 Fear Strategist.  

Fear is a powerful force that can drive us to change or prevent it. I have friends who don’t travel far from home due to anxiety and the fear of what might be. At the last event, we had a couple of speakers exploring fear. One of them is the guest on today’s podcast, Keith Blakemore-Noble.

Not long after my conversation with Keith I had an encounter whilst out running that enabled me to witness the automatic response my mind and body have to fear. You can find the full story in the short cast “ Fear Rising” 

In brief, I was running and something moved across the leaves in front of me, it was obviously a ferocious beast going to eat me because that is how my body reacted to it. I felt the fear climb the left side of my body and land in my brain. Once there, my brain identified it as a toad, and my body relaxed. Further along the path, I witnessed the same experience in one of my woodland companions.

The point is, my body went into shock and fear way before my intelligence kicked in. That is thing with fear, it is often irrational.    

Keith Blakemore-Noble – The Massive Turning Point

As a young lad growing up Keith was drawn to the idea of performing and writing yet painfully shy and petrified of meeting strangers, so that dream felt virtually impossible.

He discovered IT and the safety of being the tech wizard, everyone wants your services, and whilst computers are temperamental they are not socially challenging. However, after 20 years working in IT, there came a point when stepping out from behind the screen felt necessary, but for Keith that was still a big problem.

After having spent another Christmas party hiding in the toilet to avoid people, he realised his life was seriously being held back by his phobia. By chance, Keith was invited to attend a free personal development seminar, where he watched someone from the audience be taken through a process that gave them the confidence to dance for everyone. Whereas only moments before they were too fearful to even consider it. 

Keith Blakemore-Noble – The UK’s #1 Fear Strategist

Keith has come a long way since the IT days. He has conquered his fears to the extent that he has become a coach, a stage hypnotist, trainer, and occasional magician! He has been described as someone who brings natural humour and wit to the stage.

It doesn’t get much more transformational than that!

Keith has also discovered a passion for helping people release their fears, turn those fears into strengths and find their passion. Since 2010 he has helped over 5,000 people across the planet to transform their lives, which is why he is known as the UK’s #1 Fear Strategist.

As you will hear on the podcast he has a captivating presence, allowing us to learn from him with ease. I hope you enjoy the conversation with Keith Blakemore-Noble #1 Fear Strategist.

Thank you for joining me with Keith Blakemore-Noble.

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