In his new book AntiManipulation Keith Blakemore Noble gives us the tools to cut the strings that bind and push our buttons.

Have you been in a situation where you felt manipulated?  Unsurprisingly, we live in a world where manipulation is the tool of choice for politics, media and marketing.  That said, it is also common in business and personal relationships that are much closer to home.

Okay, maybe it is not quite as dark as that, but there is a truth in we get manipulated by unseen strings that pull on our hearts or values, and it flips the switches or pushes our buttons.

As an ex-marketer, I know the tricks. I  have been to marketing events where the host did the matrix question. “Are you going to take the red pill and join my programme or take the blue pill and struggle in ignorance?   

Over the last few years, some significant world events have been fuelled by pulling these strings and getting people to rise on a tide of righteous indignation.  Think Brexit, of 6th Jan congress invasion. 

How do we become conscious and cut these ties to become the master of our journey?

I am exploring this subject on the Life Passion & Business podcast today with a past guest and friend of the show Keith Blakemore Noble because it is the subject of his new book ‘AntiManipulation’ .

It is funny how the universe brings about these opportunities to connect. I tagged Keith in my conversation about my Sunday Conversation FOFO as I knew he would have an opinion. Only to discover a new book and a great opportunity to speak on the show.

Keith’s new book ‘AntiManipulation’ is due out on 4th March 2023

Here are the links to his previous appearances.

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