Saving lives, we don’t know the impact we have on those people around us with a word or a smile. My guest on the show has worn many hats. There was a time when he was saving lives for real and today he saves life stories in the books that he gets to publish. Many of them say writing a book has saved their life. 

It is all about changing people’s situation or how they see it.

Our journey on the show is with Kevin long. He is a coach and book publisher and mentor and he has been the driving force behind hundreds of Amazon Bestsellers.  He knows the power of mentorship because he experienced it young. 

The First Mentor

 As a child, much of Kevin’s upbringing was spent with his grandparent. It was his grandfather who became his first mentor.

One of his grandads’ sayings was  “ Who am I going to make smile today” it’s a mantra that has stuck with Kevin and he practices it every day.

Growing up in the 1970s was a time when the phrase “personal development” had yet to be invented. But this wise grandfather gave Kevin the books, “ Think and Grow Rich” and “The Magic of thinking big.” 

The entrepreneur was born and Kevin start little micro businesses.

Life dealt a blow at the age of 11 when Kevin developed brain cancer that stopped him from attending school. He was lucky and recovered but unbeknown to his parents he never returned to education and became a farmhand. 

Grandad said to get a trade so he became a carpenter. Years later he became a fireman ( saving lives) and ultimately built a property empire. After a bit of hubris, he lost it all in the financial crash. He went back to carpentry with less the £1 in his bank account.

Our conversation is an amazing journey, He is a 2x cancer survivor who has been through a family break-up, unexpected deaths and accidents. But Kevin’s faith and confidence in the tools that he learnt so young gave him the resilience he need to carry him through to the next stage of his life.  

Only 1% of Humanity Writes a Book.

He started the publishing company Babysteps in 2013 helping ordinary people publish books on Amazon.  Only 1% of humanity gets a book published, so it is a nice opportunity to leave a legacy and be part of a very exclusive club.

Today Kevin speaks on stages about authority through books and how everyone has a book inside them.  The publishing business has a small team that supports the whole process of book creation, publishing and promotion.

Outside of that Kevin is a grandfather building a life he loves making lots of time to explore his other passion which is fishing.

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