What happens when reaching the dream, my guest was self made and miserable, he found it to be hollow, sometimes getting what we want is just not enough. 

I think the guest on today’s show coined it best when he said. “I tried to make something profitable into something I was passionate about.”

As you will hear in the introduction having it all was doing nothing for him, and he was close to taking his life, plus as a gun owner, he had the means to do it.  

My guest on the show is a fellow podcast host and co-creator of the next level University Kevin Pulmari

He did not have the best start in life, he came from a broken home, and his childhood was hard and loveless with no positive male role models.

On leaving education he had a succession of jobs, from gas station to cleaning and driving.  

He got into fitness and became a PT and life was ok, but money was always an issue.

An opportunity arrived, it would be hard physical work but it was more money than he had ever earned in his life. The job involved lots of travel and being away from home for weeks at a time. At the end of 2015 after 10 months on the road, he hit that magical number of the 6 figure income.

He had money, the car, the girlfriend but none of it made him happy. In fact, it was the reverse.

Our conversation is the story of Kevin’s journey to that point of crisis and beyond. It was a phone call that saved his life, we talk about his move into personal development and how he built a new life from there. 

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