How do we get real about money and what does that mean?  Well given the current focus on Money in the global psyche I thought is was a good time to revisit the ideas around money and mindset.

We all have a money story, I have said before I remember my father trying to make the money he was counting go further. It was all the money he had and he kept moving from one envelope to the next looking to see which bills he could pay and the ones he could not. That image of there not being enough money stayed with me for years and it still comes up from time to time.

The show you are about to hear is from 2019 with Laura Powner, she is an accountant turned money mentor and she helps people get their heads straight about their money. Not just in the sense of how to manage and count it but how to receive more.

This show was in the early days of the podcast and it is so interesting to hear my voice which I think has changed a bit in the last 3 years.

Get Real About Money

Laura is a Chartered Accountant and hypnotherapist. While coming from the world of spreadsheets and numbers she is equally at home teaching clients how to build self-worth as a Mind & Money Mentor.

Do You Know Your Value

That is not a money question but it can have a bearing on how you spend and receive money. It is difficult to build your net worth if you do not think you are worth it. How many examples are there of people who get money and lose the lot?

Laura has worked with thousands of businesses over twenty years. She has helped clients launch, grow, turn around and sell their businesses by working on both the number and the mindset of the owner.

Known for her straight-talking approach, lots of humour and no “jargon. In her words, she is a lover of all things woo but balances this with a generous dose of muggle.
Laura could be a bit unnerving if you are used to normal accountants. It was a cracking conversation which went on well past the recording.  

So let’s get real about money.

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