We are talking money with Laura Powner The Money Mentor

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Another week another podcast. I have such a privileged life in that I get to speak to so many interesting people about things that matter to them.

We all have a. “Money Story.”

So this week we are talking about money. So here’s a thing for you to think about. What is your story around money? What are your feelings about money?

You might have seen the meme or heard the joke. “People spend a lot of time worrying about money! But money doesn’t care what you think or feel about it.”

Ok, it is not that funny. But considering money does not exist as an entity we put a considerable amount of time and energy into it.

The story of the relationship we have with money starts young. It is a story that will shape our future.

I have an up and down relationship with money. I have never had a lot, but there has always been enough. That is not to say I do not worry about it. Even now if I am having a lousy cashflow month and I know the deadlines and coming. I get very uncomfortable, moody and to some extent quite depressed.

Our money relationship comes from our parents and society. In my family, the predominant phrase was that money doesn’t grow on trees. Both of my parents come from impoverished beginnings. It is no surprise that I hold a negative money story

I have looked to address it many times. I am better than I was and not as good as I will become. (working on it) So it makes me even more delighted to have a conversation with today’s guest. Laura Powner as she is a money mentor.

Laura Powner The Money Mentor

I saw Laura speak at an event in Brighton a few weeks back. It was apparent there was a story to tell.

Laura Powner The Money Mentor

Laura is a Chartered Accountant and hypnotherapist. She has her feet grounded in the practical world of numbers and spreadsheets. But is equally at home teaching clients how to build self-worth as a Mind & Money Mentor.

What is Your Value?

In reality, it is difficult to have money and build net worth if you do not think you are worth it. How many examples are there of people who get money and lose the lot?

Laura has worked with thousands of businesses over the last 19 years. She helps clients launch, grow, turnaround and sell their businesses by focusing both on the money and their mindset.

Known for her straight-talking approach. She always says what she means which includes bad language, a hint of sarcasm, lots of humour and no “jargon. In her words, she is a lover of all things woo but balances this with a generous dose of muggle.

Laura is a bit unnerving for an accountant. It was a cracking conversation which went on well past the recording. See the follow on discussion below.

I know you are going to enjoy this conversation with Laura Powner The Money Mentor.

After a discussion with Laura, I realised that my money story was not good and we talked about a new course that is starting on Monday 12th March.

It is an 8-week programme looking at the relationship with money and putting it right one and for all. I was even more excited when I realised that this would be an opportunity to work directly with Laura.

She has decided to run the programme live and it may be the only time that she will do that. Getting direct access to Laura rare to this is a great opportunity.

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