How good are you at pretending? I’m not talking about little white lies, I’m talking about the kind of Let’s Pretend… that children play, the imaginary role play that engages the imagination and sends them on a journey to who knows where.

When my son was small he would create elaborate stories with friends or with his toys. Often acting out things he’d seen on TV or watched adults do. It’s the way youngsters make sense of the world around them and ‘feel into’ what it would be like to be that person or character. It is such a powerful tool, it’s sad that most of us don’t think to use it in our adult lives.

However, it is used to some degree in coaching and personal development with varying results. The key, as I have discovered through personal exploration, is to fully engage the imagination so that we can bypass the mind’s logic and the ego’s cynicism.

I hope you enjoy this contribution about the power of pretending and find ways to use it in your own development.

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