It’s amazing that  “Life Passion and Business” the podcast has reached 40 episodes. WOW! For something that was born without a plan, this is an achievement. There needs to be some recognition but what do you do?

I will come back to that in a moment.  let’s explore something unrelated but relevant to one of my passions, food and  Autumn abundance

I Enjoy Free Wild Food

My running has given me an awareness of the changing seasons and with that the locations of productive trees and plants all over the town. Last weekend saw me collecting a range of fungi. If you are tempted, get advice and take care. However, it is worth the trouble as Ceps ( Pic), and Boletus make for good eating.

The last few weeks have seen the abundance of fruit trees mainly apples and pears. It was no surprise to read that the commercial UK apple harvest has topped 160,000 tonnes. I suspect if we add in domestic gardens that hot summer has produced over 500,000 tonnes of Fruit in the UK.

While running, I have been watching the fruit on the trees ripen.  As we moved into Autumn, that fruit has been dropping and much of it is just left to rot.  So it goes without saying; we are appreciating and enjoying the bounty. Photos on the Facebook page.

So if you have friends with apple trees, offer to take some off their hands they will be grateful.

My wild food adventures are not on the podcast, but I thought to share it as another one of those passions.

Back to the 40th Episode of Life Passion and Business

How do you recognise the 40th episode? It’s not quite the milestone of 50, but it it is a line in the sand. My mother used to say. “Life begins at 40.” But I actually think life begins at 50, but then I’m 50 plus so I would say that.

Paul Harvey Life Passion and Business

On thinking about how to celebrate I knew I did not want to do a usual interview. Then I had the idea of allowing myself to be interviewed. Scary. I have shared much of my life on the show and spoken about many things, but I’ve never actually talked about my life in depth for the programme. I had a chat with Lisa Avery, and she was keen to turn the table.

Lisa Avery

In case you have forgotten Lisa was an early podcast guest and is now a collaborator for an online programme. It is a work in progress, and we will be telling you more about it soon.

The recording was on zoom so that Lisa wave at me to stop me ranting and it all went well. I could tell that Lisa was delighted to put me on the spot and to be honest, I enjoyed the attention.

We covered my story of the podcast, and some of my experiences leading up to its creation, like many of my shows is an opportunity to explore the journey of another human being. This time it was me.

The experience has opened my thinking around the structure of the show. We will see where that takes us.


So here it is episode 40 of

 life Passion and Business

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