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This week’s topic is about that well known phrase “Living the Dream” and it has come about because of a conversation with a shop assistant earlier this week.

As it is always my way to open conversations, I asked this young assistant “how is your day going” and she replied with “Oh yeah, living the dream” in a sarcastic sort of way. Ignoring the sarcasm I continued with “do you genuinely mean that” and she looked at me as though I’d just done something inappropriate.

As we were coming to the end of the transaction I left her by gently suggesting “maybe you need to look at that and do something about it”. But this conversation has stuck with me all week and that is why I am bringing the question up here.

Podcast Research

So what are the conversations I am having about podcasts. Well, the aim is to explore how to move Life Passion & Business to the next level, and for this I need your help. There are two options:

Option One:

The written survey will give valuable information on what you enjoy listening to and what inspires you. It’s just a handful of multiple choice questions and space for additional thoughts.

Here’s the link:

However, there is nothing better than a good conversation and an opportunity to get to know you better. So my preference is…

Option Two:

To have a one to one chat on Zoom and the quickest, easiest way to book it is through the link below. It’s a really simple procedure.

Appointment Link:

I hope you are up for this. The podcast is for you, so the more conversations I have the clearer the direction will be.