This podcast is recorded from a neighbours garden, where I am gathering fruit and vegetables (with permission of course) and I am reflecting on dreams.

What does it look like to live into your dreams?

Most of us have forgotten how to dream or have given up on them and it can feel quite hard to move towards dreams when this happens. Looking back on my father’s life, this appeared to be the way it was for him. In the time I knew him, he didn’t have any aspirations. He just got on with living without any plans to achieve anything new.

If we allow them to, the stresses, strains and challenges of life can get in the way, and it is only when we make a conscious choice to say “I want that” that we can start to build something new.

In reality having a dream, an aspiration or goal to achieve something can be quite easy when we just maintain a steady focus. With this in place we can look back years later and realise we have reached a destination.

16 years ago the dream for my wife and I was moving to Scotland and creating a life full of abundance, with the simple plan being to raise our son in a healthy way. Moving here was really exciting for a while and then we just got on with life. But the focus of having a good life was always there. Looking back I can see we have achieved that dream and life has been abundant for us, not necessarily in a financial way, but that wasn’t our goal.

Now my son is leaving for college and it is time to move towards the next big dream. This has coincided with discovering a passion for creating podcasts and virtual events. I am starting to move more fully into building this dream and having my wife come on board with it, feels really exciting, because now I have my playmate with me.

What are your dreams? Are you living them? Are you exploring new possibilities? Is there a plan?

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