Today’s shortcast is about looking back to look forward. It came about through conversations with my podcast guests. One in particular who took off and travelled about 40 years in a few moments. I realised there was a back story that I wanted to explore, so I asked ‘What did you want to do when you grew up?’ Or ‘What is it you wanted to be when you got big?’

Looking Back As Information For the Present

It is this re-phrasing that conjures a bit of magic I see it land on my guests in our Zoom conversations.

What did you want to be when you got big? You might find it interesting to consider how it has affected or influenced the life you now lead.

Some of the interests I have carried with me from my youth are acting and sustainability. This would account for the excitement that landed in my waking moments this morning.

Looking Back From The Future

As I mention at the beginning of today’s shortcast, we have a new event! Like previous ones, it landed out of the blue, as morning inspiration. It comes out of something I have been struggling with for a while which is…

Where are the positive narratives, stories, films and role models for the future we desire?

The trend is to focus on dystopia, the things we want to avoid, but those stories end at the beginning. I want to take it further and explore how we can hold a vision of the future as a living affirmation in our current thinking.

So back to this morning’s inspiration…

As Scotland is hosting the next International Climate Change Conference in November, the idea of creating an event about Sustainable Living has been ruminating for a while. However, this morning it took root with an idea to set it in the future.

The plan is to present the event as though we are already living in the future we desire. As though we are reflecting back on how we got there. In the same way that affirmations work by saying ‘I Am’ rather than ‘I Will or I Want’, I will be asking my speakers to rise to the challenge of presenting their ideas as though they have already achieved the outcome they desire.

Be Part Of The Bigger Picture

The intention behind this Event is to create a new narrative where everyone, (speakers and participants), is invited to step into a more creative exploration of what we already know is possible. What is required, is the vision and the courage to step beyond our current limiting beliefs. It will be interesting to see what comes of this.

Check out the details on our EVENT pages. When you register your interest there is an opportunity to share your vision and what you would like to see included from our speakers.

I look forward to sharing this exploration with you.

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