Five pillars of productivity, what if it were possible to be more productive that did not require pushing, rushing and fighting to keep up?

The conversation you are about to hear is taken from the event reasons and results.  Recorded between lockdowns in 2020, it was a journey from envisioning to implementing a project.

We returned a few days ago after travelling south and being a tourist for a few weeks. There was the wife’s ordination and a family celebration, meeting new people and connecting with friends.

After loads of conversations, I was left with the feeling that people have great ideas, but the implementation always lets them down. Most of us (including myself because I have been there) will rush into a project and push like hell to get a result. Only to find that success does not follow.

Find Your Productivity Superpower

So what if there was a calmer, more sustainable way of getting things done?

That is where the productivity mentor Louise Miller and five pillars of productivity can help

Louise is the founder of Bettylou a productivity mentoring service, she has a gift for helping people out of overwhelm by helping them create a path way through.  Louise is good with chaos and says there nothing is more fulfilling than turning something muddled into something beautifully clear.

In this conversation you’ll discover… the Five pillars of productivity.

  • The unexpected first step to productivity greatness
  • Your productivity super-power and how to harness it
  • How to turn your big idea into inspired action
  • Powerful habits to get stuff done with less stress and more ease

The show is 45 minutes and it will leave you with some powerful tools to get control of the chaos. 

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