Today I am chatting with Louise Miller, the Productivity Mentor who, unlike me she has a natural talent and passion for organisation and the way it supports productivity.

How productive are you? Do you get stuff done?

I have waves of ninja activity and days when it is just not happening. For me, it is all about accountability, so I have partners to hold me to this, or I make a public declaration that holds me to it. I even offer accountability to support in my coaching so that others feel held in achieving their goals.

That said, I find things like filing completely baffling. Whereas others like Louise and my wife find organisation and productivity easy. Thankfully, it takes all sorts and we need that diversity to keep things going. Since COVID things have been a bit different. In this world of home working and restrictions, mindset implementation and productivity is becoming a huge issue for many people.

But there is also a flip side to this conversation; people who are so driven that they drive themselves into overwhelm. And that’s the real story we are discussing today.

Naturally Tidy

Louise Miller could always organise. Even as a child she had a tidy bedroom so efficiency has always been her thing.

She completed university, with a degree in English and Fine Art. As she puts it…

“My Degree is in Reading and Colouring In.”

Her career path was still unclear, but those organisational skills came in handy, and she became an administrator. It suited her and she excelled to the point of promotion into management roles. It was then that she discovered how unique her skill set was. Louise found managing disorganised people is not easy and is often stressful. So, as an efficient and effective manager, more work endend up on her desk.

There is truth in the phrase: If you want something done ask a busy person.

Productivity Overload

Louise’s had a successful 15-year career in administration and management until the work-related stress and anxiety lead to a near breakdown. It finally dawned on her that being that efficient and productive in an organisation is not always good for your health.

Our conversation is the story from almost total breakdown, to recovery and then on to soul searching discovery.

Louise now supports overwhelmed business owners to reach compassionate, sustainable productivity. It is her mission is to help others land their brilliant ideas in reality, grow a fulfilling business and create space for what they love doing.

Louise Miller, The Productivity Mentor

I hope this conversation with Louise Miller supports you with your productivity and organisation issues. If you need more support do check out her website for the Free resources. Particularly “The Big Idea to Inspired Action.

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