Today we are looking at “Success”. But first I need to recognise that this is a milestone programme.

Welcome to episode 30 of The life Passion and Business Podcast. They say if you get through 10 programmes you are probably in it for the long run. So that’s a good sign.

I want to honour my quests as this would not be possible without them. I think solo shows are tough to keep going. But guests bring a new dimension and energy that keep the show rolling.

Back to our subject for today’s show. There is no guest
I have been travelling, and schedules did not come to pass, so I decided that this was the universe telling me the episode 30 was a good time to chat.

As you know, I started This podcast with the view of discovering more about the mysteries and vagaries of life. It has fulfilled that need, I have found out a lot about myself and the people to whom I have spoken.

The Significant Realisation

The one thing that is absolutely clear from this journey. There is no purpose rhyme or reason or meaning to this life other than that which you give it.

That could be a bitter pill to take for some.

That said if it is our purpose is to find our own meaning then these questions that I am asking people are critical. We must all ask them ourselves, and of those we love.

What is Success

Success can be a measure of credibility, and we do attach words and meaning. For example, a businessman with the trappings of success will be deemed as somewhat of an authority in the subject to which they made their money.

To be fair on some level that is true, but the question today we are going to discuss is what it’s success outside of the myth we were sold. Because success has many meanings there are many routes to that meaning, it is a picture in the mind, and we don’t all share the same image.

So here is my view of success as I understand it. Having followed the route of the 30 podcast. I think I am successful by my measurements not by anybody else’s. Because from my perspective there was only one measurement and that is where the life meets the vision that you are holding for it.

I hope you enjoy the conversation and I would love to hear your comments on the facebook group.

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Tony · 19 December 2018 at 1:28 pm

Very good. Unfortunately the podcast cut off just as it was getting to the spicy stuff 😀

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