In this short programme, we explore more of my journeys and how running like a spud with legs changed into running 10K. It has opened my mind to the possibility of change. I also cover what is coming on the podcast in the next few months.

I’m back I’m back at my desk with my fantastic microphone, it is nice to travel and good to be home.

Of course, travel broadens the mind and I’ve been travelling to Essex and all places south for most this year. That has lead to my challenges with the podcast.

Technology continues to frustrate I had a guest lined up today, and we were having a conversation but our systems were not compatible. The sound quality was full of crackles and noise and not good enough for broadcast.

So we have rescheduled.

But that gives me the opportunity to speak to you guys and take the opportunity to tell you more about what is coming in the podcast in the next few months.

I started this podcast as a reaction to the death of my father. He kind of withdrawing from life his circle of activity got smaller and smaller. I noticed that I had started had started to do the same. I was looking at the world from a perspective of what it is it all for.

It is this programme and the amazing guests that came on the show to answer the big life questions about life, passion and meaning

The big discovery from all those different conversations was that

life actually has no meaning other than which you give it

How does that feel for you?

If you have any thoughs about that statement and what to share them there will be thread on the life Passion and Busieness Facebook Group.

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