My guest this week is unusual. The subject my push a few buttons.  Life and Death, it is not every day we get to speak to a Life and Death Coach.  But first some thoughts on the makeover.

We Are Changing

This week at life passion and business as we have a new website with fresh graphics and a new sound to the podcast.

All this is out to reflect the change that has come about in the podcast over the last few weeks. I have said this before; I started this as a reflective journey to discover what this thing we called life is all about.

But having been on that journey for a few months, now it is time to start giving back and sharing what I have learnt in the process. I hope you like the new layout and will continue to support us on this road to discovery.

The Podcast with Jane Duncan Rogers the Life and Death Coach

Life and Death Coach

As I said above this may push a few buttons, but news flash we are all going to die. So let’s talk about it.

My guest Jane Duncan Rogers is a Life and Death Coach; I will let Jane explain more about what that means on the podcast.

But in essence, Jane had a journey which involved the loss of her partner. That process of supporting him to his passing created a shift in her thinking. A book was the result of that experience.

It was the tools preparation and planning that eased Philip’s passing and changed Janes life. Losing a partner, a parent or friends is never easy. Preparing for that inevitable event is something that we all struggle to hold. But for Jane going through that process of preparation with Philip and creating his end of life plan was their last project together. This podcast is Jane’s story it’s about that journey that she went on with her partner Philip, and it’s about what came out of it.

When We Discover What We Want

I appreciate and understand where Jane is coming from; there is liberation to be found when we embrace the fact that life is short. We tend to live life as if it were endless, but when we discover what we want and what is important.  Only then do we get to understand what makes his life so valuable.

On that Subject of finding what you want,  we have the Five Day Challenge starting soon the details are here 

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Jane Duncan Rogers the Life and Death Coach

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Jane Duncan Rogers runs Before I Go Solutions, it is a not-for-profit company dedicated to helping individuals, groups and organisations feel more at ease with dying, death and grief.

Her book,  Before I Go: The Essential Guide to Creating A Good End of Life Plan has just been published.

You can take the free quiz ‘How Prepared Are You?’  at