Tom Marchbanks super networker in fact he’s was government sponsored networker. Interesting

In my search for guests for this show I have noticed there are clusters or camps of different types of business in the world. There is big business that is the household names the companies that cross international boundaries and then there are the big national companies. The mindset is different for all.

The majority of people on the show over the last few months have been from one camp. They are solo entrepreneurs, finding their way in the world and totally reliant on the internet and the connectivity that we all take for granted.

But it wasn’t always like that and in some parts of the world, the physical meeting is still the key. There’s this area of business that is huge and it is the realm of the national and multinational.  But it needs governments and people to unlock it and guide the process. I’m talking about International Development.

Government Negotiations

This is the trade delegation business, this is where a government set up teams of Fixers. People that will manage every aspect of the process. It all starts at the top with politics where a country is looking for a trade deal.

It is people like Tom and his team who are in on the conversations from the beginning. They support the negotiations and at the end, they are there supporting companies getting the contracts and doing the business.


Networking is Networking

It is networking, but this is far removed from my business experience. Most of my connections are solo entrepreneurs, we are OK at the networking, some struggle with the face to face stuff. That is because in the digital world we use social platforms to break the ice and start the process.

But that is the point, to build the network means to build a relationship with someone, it means to make a connection. I tell clients all the time they have got to know, like and trust you before the business can happen.

However, put that into a different culture, where religion, customs, weather and politics all play their part and it is a different story. It is people like Tom that specialise in this kind of relationship building.

Tom Marchbanks Super Networker


Tom Marchbanks Super Networker

Tom Marchbanks Super Networker with Steve Forsyth from Workstreme

Tom has been a civil servant most of his life. He worked for the Scottish and UK governments, he has been based overseas in places like India, China and more recently the Middle East.

This interview is an insight into his world but as with all of my conversations, I am more interested in the man and not the job. This is an interesting point in time for our conversation as Tom sets out on a new career as an independent trade and investment advisor.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Tom Marchbanks Super Networker


If you want to connect with Tom and explore the potential of Export for your business the best route is through Linkedin 


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