Tega Diegbe is the digital fixer who likes doing cool shit with cool people.

My guests today is a quiet man some might say a dark horse and he is currently the right-hand man (for want of a better word) to Dan Meredith, the owner of the internet group coffee with Dan. It is the largest free entrepreneurs group in the UK.

Tega is the tech guy that makes it all happen, He is an introvert, and for as long as I have known him is happy to work behind the scenes.

I was delighted when he said yes to coming on the show. Because I know there’s a lot of people that want to hear about this wise man.

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Tega Diegbe : The Digital Fixer

Let’s get back to my guest Tega Diegbe. I’ve known Tega since 2014 we are online friends in a few groups and we have met both online and in person.

Tega Diegbe The Digital Fixer

He does not say much, but when he does speak, it will be insightful and right to the point.

On the podcast, we talked his ability to see things clearly and how he brings that into his work. He is a systems man, a digital marketer and his superpower is helping entrepreneurs strategically monetise their business.

In his own words, he is a chilled out dude, practising stoic and fanatical learning. He lives in Newcastle Upon Tyne with a menagerie of tech toys, and he lives by the S.P.I.C.E of life whether running his business helping entrepreneurs strategically monetize their business or taking to the field playing American football.

Tega’s home online is Facebook, you can find and connect with him on his profile.