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LP&B 44 Tega Diegbe The Digital Fixer

Tega Diegbe the digital fixer who likes doing cool shit with cool people

My guests today is a quiet man some might say a dark horse. His name is Tega Diegbe, and he is the right-hand man (for want of a better word) to Dan Meredith, the owner of the internet group coffee with Dan. It is the largest free entrepreneurs group in the UK.

Tega is the tech guy that makes it happen, he is an introvert, and for as long as I have known him is happy to work behind the scenes.

I was delighted when he said yes to coming on the show. Because I know there’s a lot of people that want to hear about this wise man.

Why do we do what we do

But first I have a discovery to share with you. It is a free tool that I know you will find useful.

Why we do what we do? If you’re a long-term listener to this podcast, you know that I am exploring this question regularly.

I want to know why we are driven to do the things that we do and I ask my guests those very question ongoing. What it is the keeps us moving forward in a chosen direction.

Clearly, for some people life works, they move forward with a flow that is almost magical. I have to say to some extent my life is in a good place, much of that is thanks to this podcast and all of the fantastic things it brings to me.


The Importance of Alignment

From my conversations and to some extent personal discovery, I recognise the importance of alignment with our true nature. That is the compass or diviner the thing that is guiding us to explore our life purpose.

If our daily activity or our life journey runs contrary to that compass in some way, then there’s going to be pain and discomfort on the path. My sense of it the pain is there to push back on to the road.

When there is a mismatch between life path and reality, or our vision and expectation, it takes a toll on our wellbeing. I am sure we all react differently, for some it will be stress for others it will be depression. It may come out as anger.

In my case, it was low-grade depression. I would call it an absence of happiness.

So how do you find out your path

In reality, you probably know what that path is it’s just you can’t see it or maybe don’t want to recognise it.

The good news is I have discovered a tool that will change that.

I listen to a lot of podcasts, they are part of my exercise routine so if I’m running or at the gym. I will have the earphone in, and there are few programmes inspire me.

The Good Life Project

A podcast with Jonathon fields, he’s got a fabulous New York accent and gentle voice that I can listen to all day.

He is a yoga teacher, and he runs retreats and so much more. He has been looking at the question of critical drivers for years. Jonathan has been involved in positive psychology and various kind of practices and has been able to identify ten driving ideas.

He has called them spark E types and created the website called where you can do a test and find out who you are.

I am the advisor and the Sage. My role and purpose is the coach advisor mentor. That is so true; I do it everywhere I go. I am always looking to support people in their chosen direction. The Sage is my ability to remember and capture information that I use to help people on their journey.

Everyone I know that’s done this test so far has come up with results that fitted who they were. For me, it has settled my questions, and I am not going to fight it.

I’ve been so inspired by the Sparky type test that I am compelled to tell you about it. Please do the test and find that positive affirmation in your life.

Tega Diegbe The Digital Fixer

Tega Diegbe The Digital FixerLet’s get back to my guests Tega Diegbe. I’ve known Tega since 2014 we are the online friends in a few groups. We have met both online and in person.

He does not say much, but when he does speak, it will be insightful and right to the point.

On the podcast, we talked his ability to see things clearly and how he brings that into his work. He is a systems man, a digital marketer and his superpower is helping entrepreneurs strategically monetise their business.

In his own words, he is a chilled out dude, practising stoic and fanatical learning. He lives in Newcastle Upon Tyne with a menagerie of tech toys, and he lives by the S.P.I.C.E of life whether running his business helping entrepreneurs strategically monetize their business or taking the field playing American football.


Tega’s home online is Facebook you can find and connect with him on his profile.  I am sure a website will follow soon.


Let’s Keep this Podcast  flying

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