Shay Rowbottom Viral Video & Content Queen

Shay is the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Margle Media. It is a very official corporate title possible why it is abbreviated to COO.

Margle Media is a social media marketing startup based in Milwaukee. They specialise in viral video creation. The company distribute around 2,000 videos per month and now averages over 1 billion monthly views on their content.

A billion is a staggering number of social media views and shows what is possible with creativity and know-how.

But LP&B is not about me getting geeky on the marketing stuff. It is about the people behind the project and what drives them.

Regular Linkedin Contributor

Shay Rowbottom Viral VideoShey started to appear in my Linkedin feed about three months ago. It was her videos that impressed me.

She’s a regular contributor to the LinkedIn platform and makes videos on a weekly basis. But these videos are nothing to do with her business.

The videos are about life; they’re about how she feels about things, they are about depression they are about the touchy-feely subjects. All the things that humans know about, but don’t necessarily want to talk about…

I was inspired to reach out to her because she is so raw and real in these videos. I wondered what that was about and where that was coming from. How does she find it so easy to express it publicly on a business platform.

Shay Rowbottom Viral Video & Content Queen

Shay Rowbottom Viral VideoShay dropped out of college to pursue a music career, but after years struggling to make it, she became dissatisfied and was looking for a change

An opportunity arrived to learn viral video editing for a large blog on Facebook; it is where she met her life and business partner Luke Marlow.

Together they started Margle Media from the bedroom at home in downtown Milwaukee in spring 2016. Since then it has scaled. It now employs over 30 people and services companies such as,  Yahoo, Petco and MGM.

They provide social media marketing campaigns and daily video content for social media pages. As said above they distribute around 2,000 videos per month and get an average of 1 Billion views per month on their content.

Shay is a product of the internet generation; she exudes confidence and yet there is a vulnerability. Where does that come from? What is it that is driving this young woman to create video and be out there doing what she does?

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Shay Rowbottom viral video maker and content queen

You can find Shay on LinkedIn or at the website for Margle Media the company offer a full range of digital services

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