Gemma Ray Self Discipline & Word Wizardry

My guest on today’s show is Gemma Ray she is a lifelong performer and creative writer she’s been writing since she was 7 years old

Her career path was from the civil service to radio, starting as the traffic tart.

Yes, you did read that, traffic tart was her job title on the contract.

Her current business role is a communications coach, as she supports clients to communicate on all levels and through any medium

She draws on her past experience as a radio presenter, vocalist, actress, public speaker and event hosting. She transfers these skills to clients through media coaching. Gemma works with a number of business owners, influencers and career climbers to increase confidence, improve storytelling.

The Published Author

As ever we are here to talk of the person and not the career. Gemma has just become a published author and is a story worth sharing

Gemma had a successful, she knew her life looked good on the outside but was not working on the inside.

The road to self-discovery and a reconciliation with herself also lead to a breakdown. In her process of recovery came the idea or the possibility of writing a book was born.

That books sat in her mind for quite a while before it actually hit the page

It would not have seen the light of day without a friend pushing her to get it done. ” do it now” Within the space of just one hour it was mapped out and the first chapter written.

The book is called Self Discipline, It is a “How-To Guide to Stop Procrastination and Achieve Your Goals in 10 Steps. ”

There is a Kindle offer on this book now until 13th Dec

So Buy It Now.

See here

This interview is the real story behind the book, what it feels like to publish and promote your own work. Running naked with no knickers and unshaven legs apparently…

It addresses the big issues around getting stuff done, we touch on some of the tools and tricks in the podcast. We also talk about mental health, the wellness spiral and all of my usual questions of life passion success and purpose

Gemma is a natural speaker and this is a fun lively journey about real life while living in a caravan…

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Gemma Ray

You can find the book on Amazon and you can connect with Gemma on here website Gemma Ray or
On LinkedIn, She can also be found on Facebook.

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