Damien Fogg Investor.

Damien is a full-time investor and has titles such as Chartered Surveyor, Mortgage Broker, Financial Adviser, Property Developer, Landlord, Trader… plus a few more.

But Damien is unique in my guest profile because he is not driven by passion or by having a strong “WHY”. That has not stopped him from building a life that some might envy.

Damien Fogg Investor

Damien Fogg InvestorTo put it all into a context, he has been involved in most kind of investing over the years. Before his retirement, he had over £2.2 billion worth of developments under his belt.

It was other people money, and it allowed him to build up a passive income. Retirement came early at just 32, clearly, somewhere along the way he figured out a system that worked for him.

Now his mission is to help other people gain more time and reduce their stress by managing their finances and investing in their long-term future.

Some people struggle as they travel this life, they find it hard looking for meaning or reason for it all. I would put myself in that boat, and say it is an ongoing quest for me.

Thankfully for this podcast helps, it has given me focus and direction, and it is opening so many doors. but enough of my journey.

Making Simple Choices

Back to Damien, he has created a life that works for him by making simple choices. He decides what he wants his day to look like and works for there.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Damien Fogg.

You can connect with Damien on Facebook an on Linkedin he has a facebook page a number website and a book on Amazon called The Money Shot

The 50th Show New Years Day

One more thing before I go, I have just recorded the 50th programme. It is a conversation with two of my past guests. Simon Jordon and Suzy Beaumont. The show dedicated to Big Vision and Goals and will be perfect listening for New Years Day.

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