Jason Hulott Swordsman & Marketer

My guest on the show today is Jason Hulott Swordsman & Marketer. He is a dark horse of the digital world, Jason is a man that has been making a living with computers since the last century. He was in the digital world before there was one.

Before I get on to Jason, Just a heads up I released another podcast short this week. It was called the Wellness Spiral and it is about maintaining a good strong mindset. It is my process to keep myself balanced throughout the day.

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Jason Hulott Swordman & Marketer

Jason is a wizard with the digital stuff, but there is more, he is a medieval swordsman, martial arts man and I only discovered after we had finished recording that he is a huge Star Trek fan.

Jason Hulott Swordsman & Marketer

Who knew, and I was so disappointed we never got to chat about that on the programme. Possible a good thing as I may have gone full-on sci-fi geek.

“I co-ran one of the largest Star Trek fan clubs in Europe. All with letters and snail mail!”

Jason has been in the digital industry since 1996. That is before Google, before Facebook, before everything that we have come to take for granted.

He and his wife run a successful digital agency called Speedie Consultants, they are involved in client affiliate programs and digital marketing campaigns.

Affiliate Consulting

Jason Hulott Swordsman & Marketer

The current business focus is the affiliate consulting business called the AffiliateDojo. ( a touch of the martial arts here too) He aims to help businesses maximise affiliate programs and develop systems to promote other people’s products. It is all about helping them create the process, earn commissions and maximise revenues.

Outside of the business, Jason likes to teach people how to hit each other with historical accuracy as he teaches medieval sword fighting.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Jason Hulott

If you want to reach out to Jason you can find him on Facebook or Linkedin or on his business page here.

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