Welcome To episode 52. My guest on today’s programme is Lynn Robinson. and the topic is intuition and Lottery Numbers. We all have access to it and experience at different stages of life. I know a few people that dance through their life making important decisions based on stuff that is so intangible.

The Flywheel Podcast

I first heard Lynn Robinson to the flywheel podcast way back last year. That is the show hosted by one of the early guests Victor Jimenez.  While at the gym last November, it flashed back up on my podcast app and so I listened to it again

Without getting to woowoo, I realised that I wanted her on the show because I noticed in the last few months that my life is very much in the flow.

Now what I mean by that. It’s not huge but things seem to happen when they need to and for some reason, I am inspired to do things when the time is right. It’s so hard to put this into words because it’s almost impossible to do so. But it is just a feeling that guides the right action.  So I reached out to Lynn and she said yes.

International Speaker

Lynn is internationally known for her intuitive advice and counsel, is a  widely recognised author and motivational speaker. Working with business and individuals as this intuitive advisor, she offers insights into bold decisions and strategies. This is done in a way where both parties feel their way forward. Lynn must be good, as she has been doing this for 30 years and it is a long way from customer service management.  

In our program, we talk about her experience with intuition and how it has guided her life we talk about some of the stranger stories about those 6 numbers and the lottery.

We talk about her success model is, developing intuition and the meaning of life

If you’ve ever wanted to be more in tune with whatever it is that supports these big life decisions or even the smallest decisions. This is the podcast for you may be surprised at what’s possible.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Lynn Robinson

If you would like to get in touch with lynn you can find her at www.LynnRobinson.com  her social media links are below.