This week’s podcast started as a podcast short. It was going to be an exploration of the mindset around fear. How does fear shape your life? I have come to realise it has had a massive effect on mine.

Laura Powner The Money Mentor

As you may know, I have been working Laura Powner on the issues of money and mindset. During this work, I have discovered a lot about my history and how my life has been shaped by fear. I was sharing those thoughts with Suzy Beaumont ( Change Your World), and it became apparent that we should record the conversation. So we decided to explore the discussion as a Facebook live. You can find that on the life passion and business page.

Suzy Beaumont : Change Your World

Suzy is an old friend of the show, having been a guest last year and on the 50th programme.

Suzy Beaumont

I have been working with her for a few months providing marketing support for the next event. The Change Your World conference is on April 6th.

The conference now in its third year brings together some of the most exceptional speakers in areas of mindset and health and fitness. This year will feature subjects like sleep, plant-based diets and goal setting. Something there for everyone so if you are in the Scotland or Inverness area is well worth getting a ticket.

My inspiration for getting involved in working on this project with Suzy is the synergy between Changes Your World and Life Passion and Business.

This podcast was created for me to explore and understand my own life, and Suzy started Change Your World events because she wanted to share her journey. We are both looking to support people in the pursuit of something better.

On the show, I share my realisations about money but particularly my relationship with fear and money. We explore what it means and how it has affected our lives.

Our conversation lead on to what people will discover at the event on the 6th of April. While that may not be of interested directly, the content is valuable, and shortly, there will be an opportunity to get involved with Cange your world as it goes global.

Early heads up.

Change your world will be starting an online programme within the next few weeks. I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy our conversation

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