Georgina El Moshdy The Message Maker

My guest on today’s podcast is Georgina El Morshady the Message Maker. She is a copywriter and has been the voice and ghostwriter behind some of the big product launches out there on the internet land.

Like many of my guests, this life was not part of the plan and has been a journey of discovery.

Georgina El Morshdy The Message Maker

I have known Georgina for a number of years we have been in similar groups together. I have seen her grow and develop moving out from behind the scenes and taking on a more proactive roll.

Over the last few months, she has been expressing her own message, our conversation is the story of how her life moved in different directions.

Georgina El Morshdy has been a professional copywriter and content creator for over 7 years. She is known as the ‘Secret Voice’ behind a number of 7-figure brands. It is her ability to unlock the message that has helped many entrepreneurs establish their thought leadership through the written word.

She one of the writers for Copyblogger and Talk business. She’s also ghost written articles that have featured on sites such as and Forbes.

Georgina El Moshdy The Message Maker

When not writing, Georgina is passionate about personal development, the inner journey, and fearless self-expression. She loves deep conversations, long walks in nature, spontaneity, and overseas adventures.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Georgina El Morshady

If you would like to get in touch with Georgina, you can find her on Facebook and Linkedin Her website is FindYourYou and Twitter

Change Your World Every Day

Change your world Every day is online coaching that grew out of the change of world conference. It features many of the speakers and is about daily practice with 7am with a Facebook live check-in.

This project is in its first month and already of the results have been astounding, people are already stepping up and finding their power. They are exploring what they want and taking risks in the safe space that is the group.

They are identifying what it is they need to do to change in their lives. I have to say I am so privileged and inspired to be part of this project.

Are you looking to change?

If you are looking to make changes in your life or get more satisfaction, I cannot encourage you enough. Find something that works for you whatever it is.

It will require daily practice as change does not come by thinking and waiting. It takes thinking planning and acting.

Come and join us.

Change your world every day could be what you are looking for.

We are there to help you explore and discover the daily practice the works for you. Over the next year, it will be exploring all manner and forms of practice, lots of opportunities to explore and experiment.

last week we were looking at what it means to be involved in personal development and this week when our exploring some of the tools using journalling.

All of this material will become a resource which you can access as soon as you join the group.

So what does it cost to join his group?

The costs £1 a day and what you get for that pound is all of that material is available instantly to you plus the support and accountability of a group of people who want to see you succeed.

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