On today’s show, I have Sashka Hanna-Rappl, and she is a leading international brand and business strategist for creative visionaries. She creates brands for some of the people with big imaginations.

But first, as always, this is my opportunity to do a little segway and go on a journey of my own.

Change Your World Every Day

So as you might know, I am part of the team for the Change Your World Everyday Coaching Project. This week we have been looking at happiness. It is quite amazing how few people in the world can say they are truly happy.

The fact remains at this time in the world; fewer people are dying through conflict violence than any other time. The majority of humanity is wealthier than it has been at any other time. Yet, happiness seems to be in short supply.

We are more connected through social media than at any other time, and that is just adding to the problem.

Part of the problem it seems as we’ve forgotten how to be happy, and much of that seems to caused by people looking outside of themselves for solutions to that problem.

Now, as a marketing guy, I am well aware. Because that is what we do, we find problems we find people’s insecurities and weaknesses we play upon them.

Then, we get them to buy things based on those problems to make them feel better. That is the dark side of my profession.

That’s what’s fascinating for me about life passion and business and change your world, and a myriad or other change organisations.

Because when we get people into a place of being ok with themselves, they no longer look outside for happiness, they look within.

It is at that point that needs and desires and wants fall away.

What is your view experience of happiness?

How happy are? When where you truly happy?

If you have any views on happiness reach out and lets chat/

One more point before we get back to the show, the founder of change your world Suzy Beaumont. Had a birthday this week and as a birthday gift to her audience, she’s given seven days free access to the Changer world every day project.

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Sashka Hanna-Rappl The Branding Empath

Back to the programme and Sashka Hanna-Rappl As I said to you she’s a leading brand strategist. Did I mention is a speaker and entertainer with a singing dancing and acting career.

I suspect she uses all of those things in her approach to branding. She calls here process, using the soul to brand your business. Her methods are creative, wise, humorous and imaginative. She helps lifestyle entrepreneurs create and market their unforgettable brand. A brand that is tailored to the entrepreneur, rather than the profession. And to be understood in a crowded market.

This lady is a powerhouse, and you will hear it on the programme there is no holding her back, and it is no surprise that she’s been featured in Forbes BuzzFeed and numerous online publications.

She was born and raised in South Africa resided in London for a while and currently lives in the Tyrolean Alps with her three children.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Sashka Hanna-Rappl.

If you would like to get in touch with Sashka and experience some brand magic you will find her on Linkedin Facebook and at the website.

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