African principles of Leadership.

I was very excited this week to have on the show Arthie Moore. She is a facilitator and leadership coach. She is on a mission to spread the African principles of Leadership.

I met Artie when she was the lead coach in a daily coaching group. ( Change Your World Every Day) She was delivering 30-minute slots daily for 2 weeks.

It is about Ownership of life

She covered her take on life and communication techniques. It was clear to me in these daily live broadcasts that she has a passion and commitment to leadership skills and the empowerment of all.

I should say Arthie lives in South Africa and of Indian descent and while she has always faced issues of race, she has never let it fazes her. She can walk into any situation and expect the best and manage the room and achieve it. You cannot help but like her.

Life In South Africa

What was fascinating about this conversation is we explored how she grew up in a tight race-driven society. You did not cross the boundary of colour. This was in South Africa in the apartheid years.

The change happened when Nelson Mandella was elected president and Arthie turned 18. She was one of the first of a generation that went to a mixed-race University.

African principles of Leadership.

This podcast is not about race and diversity. It is about those experiences, the crucible that turned Arthie into the powerhouse that she is.

Arthie Moore and Life Partner Jan Robberts
Ki Leadership Institute

As the director of 2 international companies, she keynotes on communication and Motivational Speaker. She is an International Facilitator of the Celebrating Humanity Programmes, on Transformational Teambuilding, Diversity Training, Leadership Training and Team Conflict Resolution Strategies.

She has delivered these programmes across Africa, South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia, the wider worlds USA, London and Hong Kong.

As you will hear on the show, she has a clarity of purpose, that is about inspiration and empowerment. It is about positively impacting the World, using the African principles of Leadership.

Arthie Moore Lover of Life

Outside of business, Arthie is a lover of life and a mother of two. She is an avid blogger, writer, photographer, amateur chef, social networking, adventure sports fanatic, adrenaline junky, skydiver, bungee jumper, traveller and lover of life.

The most amazing part for me is that she started her journey at just 19 years old. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did

Getting in Touch with Arthie Moore

Arthie is easy to find on Linkedin Twitter and Facebook. You can find out more about her work here.

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