“I’m creating resilient kids because education is broken,”

These are the words of my guest Ashley Costello. She has worked in the field of Psychotherapy for over 20 years. It was a TEDx talk last year that brought Ashley to my attention education and children were a big part of my life for a few years..

My son went to a Steiner School and I became very involved, became a trustee and was the chair for a few years. I got to see the inside of education from both sides of the plate. Steiner education with all of its faults is a model for how education could be.

When my son moved into mainstream education I could really see the gap between the two worlds and felt the pain of both.

Hearing Ashley in her TEDx talk spoke to my desire for change.

On the programme, you will hear how Ashley’s interest in psychology stemmed from her A level studies. It was the possibility of helping people that called out to her.

I just knew it was about people and that is where my passion lead.

During her gap year, she went travelling in South America. We are taking serious travel as this was before mobile phones and sat-nav. It was the synchronicity of a missed phone call that set her life on a path.

It led to a course on counselling and eventually into her passion that is physiotherapy. She was one of the youngest people in training and subsequently in practice. She put her ability to excel in the field of therapy while so young was her travel experience.

Today Ashey is about supporting children in education she specialises in children and adolescents mental health.

As said I discovered Ashley when her TEDx talk “Is Education broken?” came up on my facebook feed.

She received so much feedback from that event that it encouraged her to start a new project “The resilient kid”.

It is a programme that looks to fill a gap for parents, teachers, heads, educationalists and everyone who feels as passionate about giving children the tools for a positive future.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Ashley Costello

If you would like to get in touch with Ashley you will find her on Linkedin and facebook 

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