Life is a Story

Dominica Roszko From Marketing to Naturopath is a classic story of success failure and rebirth.

Life is always about stories; that is a foundation of this podcast; it was my desire to discover more about other peoples lives that lead me here.

Stories are the core of everything when you consider how much of your life is set around a narrative. Think of the news that is all about people or events in the world. When we catch up with friends, it is all about what is going in their life.

Look at politics that is people looking to lead through the narrative of a positive shared vision.

So why are stories so important to us?

In the blockbuster movies, it is the character progression that keeps it interesting. There is the mission or quest with the potential for success and the failure ever-present.

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Onwards to my guest.

Dominica Roszko From Marketing to Naturopath

Dominica Roszko From Marketing to Naturopath

My guest on today’s programme was born in Poland and the seeds to her journey were planted when she was very young. Her grandma was a natural herbalist she had a big store cupboard full of things that would help or sooth pain or illness. The story is interesting as you will see how it travels in a circle as Dominica return to her routes.

Dominica came from an entrepreneurial family. it was natural for her to follow that career path.

It was a business journey that ended with a successful marketing business, but it nearly killed her — suffering from burnout and severe adrenal fatigue. She overcame this chronic illness with a vegan diet.

Today fully recovered and joins me on the programme as a qualified nutritionist, herbalist and vegan chef.

She’s been running a plant-based nutrition practice for 5 years, where she works mainly with people interested in reducing their meat and dairy consumption.

Dominica Roszko From Marketing to Naturopath

Dominica is sharing her experience through regular workshops, courses and talks in the UK and Europe, where she teaches nutrition, herbal medicine and plant-based cooking and food preparation to the general public, chefs, restaurant managers and other companies.

All of that energy and passion that when into marketing other peoples projects, is now focused on her business and her passion.

She is an author and regular contributor to newspapers, magazines, online publications.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Dominica Roszko

If you would like to connect with Dominica you will find her on Facebook, Twitter Instagram and at

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