Fiona English exploring spirituality in the 21st Century and reverse podcasting. It is an unusual show in that I am being reverse podcasted, is that even a verb?

Exploring Spirituality with Fiona English

Fiona is a positive psychologist and she is exploring spirituality. Where do you sit with community religion and spirituality?

Over the last 20 years, organised religion in the UK and to some extent in Ireland has taken a backseat. Church going membership is still there in the older population. However, churches are not the centre of a community as they were.

Service attendance in the Uk is at an all-time low. People still attend for the significant events, Christmas weddings and funerals. But they are not part of the church community.

I think the loss of community is a big factor in societies problems. No amount of social media is going to replace people coming together for a shared purpose that is not related to political or sport.

Between the 50’s, 60’s and well into the 70’s the majority of the UK population attended a church, on balance it was expected.

While I am pleased that pressure to conform has passed, but it has left a vacuum where people choose to mix and communicate in silos. That has lead to the divided society we see today.

My Church Community,

As a child, my family and I went to church, and like most churches, refreshments were available after the service. People would connect and arrange events and social opportunities. It bolted the community together. My father was there on occasions for the community, not for my mother’s faith.

So fast forward 40 + years and the service has no relevance for me. I like the buildings and find the architecture interesting but that’s it.

That is my background of where I sit when Fiona approached and floated the idea of a reverse podcast. I am always up for a good conversation and how could I refuse?

Exploring Spirituality with Fiona English

Exploring Spirituality

Fiona is a coach and business consultant with experience in global investment markets. However, She left the industry to develop a coaching business around positive psychology. It was a calling as, she researches, speaks and writes about Positive Psychology, the science behind what makes individuals and communities flourish.

It is her mission to expand perceptions of spirituality; she believes that we are individually empowered to understand and prioritise our spiritual wellbeing in life. That there is a universality to the experience of spirituality, and it remains a personal path.

If the last two year has taught me anything, I have to agree everyone is on their own journey

I hope you enjoy the conversation.

If you would like to connect with Fiona English, you can find her on

How is 2020 Shaping Up

How are your 2020 plans shaping up are you getting done what you want to get done?

That is the thing in life we set these plans and goals, then it is down to making it happen. here is a sad reflection, most of the new year resolutions we set are over by the 15th of January.

We are in the last week of February and 2 months into 2020 where are you with your big plans?

As said above it is very easy to make a plan or think of ideas, but once reality hits the road things don’t look so easy. Let us have a conversation and put your car back on the track.

Turbo Coaching Offer

Turbo Coaching

There is a process that I call turbo coaching, a technique I learnt in my coaching training some 12 + years ago. I’ve been using it was clients ever since as an adjunct to the marketing services I provide.

It’s a 20-minute process and it gets you to focus. We speak on call You come with what you want to achieve and in the 20-minutes explore why you want it. What’s stopping you from getting there. What Solutions you could apply and we’re putting some accountability to make sure you do it

The one thing that’s missing in most people’s lives is accountability.
It is really hard to get stuff done unless something or someone holds you accountable. The sad fact in life is that unless we take charge of our lives and become the pilot. We will always be the passenger and while that can be fine for some you do have to be satisfied with the outcome.

If you want more details use this link to check it out, that will give the details and links to buy single session or blocks of 5 at a big discount.