Image of the final live Facebook live

That is it, the summit is over, the podcast below is the sum up session. It;s worth a listen to as there’s loads of value to be found.

Living Beyond the Change

In total we had 25 speakers from three continents and five countries. That created over 20 hours of video. Although it was pre-recorded by the speakers whilst living in lockdown, it still required a lot of running around in the week and tons of Facebook lives and late nights! But it was worth it.

I only sent my first email out for this project on the 7th of April, and the last speaker confirmed on the 17th when the event went live. This gave us just ten days to promote it. Despite that, there were over 300 guests and the feedback indicates a lot of value was given and received.

But It’s Not Really Over Yet!

Whilst my main work is done, the event is still available and there are a few different purchasing options. Full details and tickets are available. Follow the links on the EVENTS page.