My guest on today’s programme is the Serial Entrepreneur Cheryl Jacobs.

Cheryl Jacobs Serial Entrepreneur
Elite Flight Club

Looking at her life, you could say she is currently at the top of her game, but then who said there was a top. We only reach a ceiling in life when we decide we have, and I cannot see Cheryl choosing to stop any time soon.

Like many high achievers, the journey has a humble beginning.

Cheryl was born and raised in Ohio, her father worked in a factory, and her mother was a secretary. She was one of three siblings growing up in an impoverished part of town. They had a simple life, played outside most of the time, no internet, no cell phones. One never asks the age of a lady, but to be growing up before the internet does set a place in time.

At 18, she married her high school sweetheart, and by 19 they had two children but now living in poverty. The new family relied on charity for groceries and hitchhiking to travel to work or nursery.

Young love works, or it does not, and poverty does not support it. The relationship with her husband did not last, and he became an ex-husband and an abusive alcoholic.

The Break that made the Difference.

Cheryl was blessed with good looks and always looked after her appearance. The big break came when a modelling agency discovered her and she selected by two agencies, one in New York City and another Los Angeles.

It was these contracts gave her the resources and security to move on in life. However, the universe had plans, both her mother and grandmother became ill and died within months of each other.

Now on her own with a young family, depression became that ever-present and unwelcome friend. But it was the words of her mother that pulled her through and kept her going.

You’re smart enough and strong enough to stand on your own two feet.”

Somehow she found the resources and motivation to start her first business, a modelling and talent agency.

Cheryl Jacobs Serial Entrepreneur

Cheryl Jacobs Serial Entrepreneur

Today she runs ten successful businesses, which includes a children’s party franchise, with 300 character costumes, 70+ employees. Pre lockdown they were operating nearly 100 parties a month. Her tenth project is the Elite Flight Club a private jet hire and pilot service.

She is a firm believer in fitness and health; not every grandmother looks like she does as I said before there is and will be no stopping of Cheryl Jacobs.

Cheryl Jacobs Serial Entrepreneur

Her big mission is to help people get out of their way to be successful. She has written five books and speaks on the subject around the world.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Cheryl Jacobs

If you would like to get in touch with Cheryl, you can find her on Facebook and Instagram

What makes the difference?

Did you catch my Sunday reflection, “what makes the difference?”

It was some thinking about implementation. What does it take to get stuff done? I’ve spoken about getting stuff done a lot on this podcast, and I know enough to get my clients to take action, and I offer coaching packages that work.

But the question remains, what it is about the human condition that makes us highly productive or allows us to blow the day? Some days I will be a demon, and other days I find it hard to move. But what is the difference and where is the switch.

You could catch the shortcast below if you missed it before you do, please read on as I need your help with a couple of questions.

Over that last week, I have been following up with our speakers at Living beyond the change. On Friday, I met with Gemma Ray; she is all about self-discipline. The passed event was about preparation and planning, but it did not land implementation.

The next event on the drawing board is a one day project to help you get things moving.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject what is it that moves you and what is it that stops you.

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