Deborah Ager Ghostwriter & Book Coach
Deborah Ager

On the show we have Deborah Ager she is a book coach. Like many of my guests, she is a LinkedIn connection. I saw a comment while reading one of her posts, it gave me cause to Google her name.

To my surprise, I discover that she has a Wikipedia page, just like a real celebrity. She will be my first guest ever on this show with a page on Wikipedia.

OK, Deborah is not a media celeb, she is, however, a published poet. So what is the life of a famous poet we will find out soon?

We all Need the Challenge

But before we go there here’s one of my usual Segways. I was in a conversation this week about the challenge, and I may have mentioned this a few weeks ago as we looked at replacing the word struggle with challenge.

Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

I would like you to consider the human need for the challenge.

It has struck me from all the conversations I’ve had over the last 18 months that there is a strong human desire to push against a boundary and to experience the challenge.

We may be reluctant to change but appreciate the progression when we do. Of course, there are times in our life when we need to sit back and take the breeze. But there is danger of getting stuck in that place where life becomes stale and boring. We all know people who hate the job but will not leave.

In my personal experience, prior to starting This podcast, I allowed myself my life to become small, and that led to a dark place. I wouldn’t call it depression, but certainly a lacklustre for the journey.

Life Gets Dull

My appreciation for life had gone. It took the death of my father to recognise my downward spiral. This is the human condition are we destined to become dull and discontented if we stop pushing forward.

There is a popular exercise in most of the best self-help books.

What would you do with your life if money was no object and you could not fail?

I have asked this question of myself many times.

But don’t actually know. I guess if money were no object, I would throw myself into the climate change crisis and find some way of making a difference.

But, I can still do that without money, and with that awareness, I am exploring our liability for climate change and considering how I might be part of the bigger picture.

I started this little segway looking at the challenge and whether we need it. The overriding opinion is yes, we do.

So what are you doing to challenge yourself?

Would love to hear from you.

Back to this week’s guest

Deborah Ager The Book Coach

Deborah Ager Ghostwriter & Book Coach

Deborah is the founder of the Book Activation Method and has been writing professionally for over 20 years. As I said at the beginning there are published works of poetry.

Her writing started early, she wrote copy for the citrus industry. Her words sold a lot of grapefruit, and she discovered 57 ways to describe an orange. It was enough to put herself through graduate school at the University of Florida (for creative writing—what else?)

Before stepping out on her own, most of her employers discovered she could write. And entrusted her with the big proposals, the sales copy or the persuasive PowerPoint presentations.

She has the skills to persuading people to change how they see something

In the five years since, she’s helped dozens of business owners develop business-building books faster than they could alone. So far, she’s collaborated on 22 books.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Deborah Agar

If you would like to connect with Deborah Ager you can find her on Linkedin Facebook and at her website Radientmedialabs

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