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LP&B Simon Jordon Time to Surrender

This week’s podcast is a throwback January 2018. The recording with Simon Jordon it was the third interview I had done on the show and was the launch podcats.

I know that my interview style has changed a lot since the beginning. I am a bit more relaxed and free-flowing. However, that does not diminish the story.

At the beginning of a podcast that early material does not get seen. Which is sad as some of the first interviews are fantastic. As I have a bit of glitch in my programme planning this week, I thought it would be time to share some past shows, and good for them to see a new audience.

Looking Back to the begining

Simon Jordon

The interview is with Simon Jordan, and it took place in January 2018, Simon is a branding and marketing guy like myself.

He’s had an interesting journey; it started as very much a go and get it marketing guy in the pinstripe suit and he became someone that now climbs mountains with his clients and sees the connection with nature is far more important.

As a starting point, this journey is about surrender about how he went from this ego-driven character to someone now who sees life as a river flowing past him.

Simon Jordon & Five Things Clear

Since the podcast conversation, Simon has launched an ECO project called five things clear. The project is all about removing plastic from the environment. It encourages people to pick up five things and put them in the bin or get them recycled.

This has been a fantastic project for him, it started from a walk on the beach, and it has now grown arms and legs popping up all over the world.

Simon Jordon

As aside Simon talks about running the London Marathon at the beginning of his journey. Now a serious runner Simon will be taking to the streets of London again this year, and in his own words, he is a changed man since then. The link to that post is below

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Simon Jordon.

If you are inspired to reach out to Simon the links from the programme are below the timeline. I forgot I used to do these, do you find the useful? Please comment if you do?

Podcast Time Line

3.40 Leaves Sky TV started his own marketing business
4.10 Ego has landed
6.20 Chasing money
6.50 The universe sends a message
7.00 Failure after failure or was it learning
8.40 Shocking revelation and the year of change
11.15 The place of surrender and making flowers
13.40 We think we are In control
14.45 The power of networking
17.30 Getting what you want
19.30 Keeping fit
21.00 Being the best and a new relationship
23.00 Mindset and trust
27.3 Trust and take action
29.5 Natures Prozac
37.00 Appreciation of the mother mountains
42.00 One piece of advice

Five Things Clear

Marathon Thoughts

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