Another week another Podcast.

I know a lot of my friends live the laptop lifestyle. It all seems so easy to travel the world and run a business from a rucksack. I have to say, in reality, it is not that easy and it is a hard choice.

The laptop game was not the plan it has just happened that I am doing a lot of travelling. I have not left the UK and it is such a challenge to maintain a good connection. With much of life now in the cloud, no wifi means no nothing. Even with a connection, there are limits trying to record podcasts with guests when the Wi-Fi is unreliable is frustrating.

So I find myself another week without a Podcast. The guests were lined up but the internet made it impossible to have those conversations. But maybe this is a good thing, as I get to tell more of my journey with this project. On this show, we explore where I am at with my passion and where I am taking it.

The truth is we are at the turning point. I am currently going through a rebranding exercise for life pension and business. An exercise that will see a lot of change. There will still be the interviews but there will be more.

The key point is I have stopped searching for answers because they do not exist outside of me or you. My goal is for you to discover your journey, define success for yourself. Find the source of your passion and the meaning of life for you.

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