My guest life has always been about business fun and fulfilment. However, her journey with entrepreneurship has been very much the ride on a roller coaster.

What was life like for you growing up? In conversation with my guest on this show week, I was reminded of my teenage years. My parents came from simple beginnings. My mother was from the East End of London. For my American friends that would have been a very impoverished area during the war, it was heavily bombed.

My grandfather was a piano tuner but did many things, not all of them legal. My father was born in Leeds in the midlands of the UK, and his father was a Barber. Both of my parents did not understand the commercial world. Dad did a technical job for local government and Mum did a range of jobs around childcare. Commercialism was neither something important or relevant.

It Was Not Fair

I can remember buying a bicycle from one of mothers friends. It was not right a lousy choice, far too big. So I looked to sell it just weeks after I had bought it. But I wasn’t allowed to sell it for any more than I had paid for it.

At the time, I was pissed about it, but they were adamant that it was not fair on the family from whom I had bought it. It’s funny how these memories get triggered. I forgot about that story, and it must have been more than 40 years ago.

Yvette Owo Business Fun and Fulfilment

Yvette Owo is my guest on today’s programme had no such resistance to commercialism in her family. When she was ten years old during her summer break, she started five businesses. She was creating ideas and things that she could sell. Yes, she did have a lemonade stand, but she found the return investment wasn’t good enough.

What is fascinating about Yvette Owo is that she is goal-oriented, setting goals works for her. She is diligent in her process and creating clear plans to achieves them.

Business for her is a pleasure

So much so that while working full time, she built a brand around personal finance and was looking to go full time when disaster struck. She was hit by a car and life changed.

After getting hit by a car, she developed a debilitating disease; she learned the hard way the value of financial & time freedom. In her current business, Yvette helps coaches, advisors, & founders to massively grow their business while having more fun and fulfilment.

This is her story.

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Getting Stuff Done in 2020

I have spoken on the subject often and we are all different, what is motivation for one, is a sharp stick for another. The fact remains it is important to get stuff done! Now if you are starting this year with the same plan as last year what makes you think it will be different? The fact is making change takes action and it needs to be consistent.