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Gareth Riddy : Author Healer and Potty Mouth

My guess on the show describes himself as an Author Healer and Potty mouth. Gareth Riddy is built like a bodybuilder. He has been a doorman, a mixed martial artist and still enjoys a bit of Brazilian jujitsu.

Gareth Riddy Author Healer and Potty Mouth

Gareth has broken the mould for me, as before I met him, my stereotypical vision of a male healer would have involved a beard and perhaps sandals.

I first became aware of Gareth a while back when he launched his book.

How to Undo the Shit the Modern World Does to Us

Gareth Riddy Author Healer and Potty Mouth

We connected through social media, how else! And finally, I heard his story when we were in a coaching group together. Gareth is a cancer survivor, and his journey to becoming healer started with himself. Now as said he is a self-confessed potty mouth. He does tend to use colourful language although he was quite well behaved on the podcast. I don’t edit peoples language that is who they are.

His speciality is getting people out of chronic pain, resolving the issues, and returning peoples cognitive functions.

“I do it all with love & rude words.”

Gareth Riddy Author Healer and Potty Mouth
“Being able to impact someone’s business & family life is what makes me happy. It fills my heart.
I am blessed my life had led me here.”

His patients call him a magician, as he does his magic, and they get to be people again. As you will hear on the show his goal in life is to give as many people as possible, the tools they need to thrive in the modern world, without being dragged down by the ever-increasing demands.

His work often starts when a client says. “The Doctors say there is nothing they can do.”

Gareth is a big softy and one of the all-round good guys. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

Gareth Riddy Author Healer and Potty Mouth

If you like to get in touch, you can find him on Facebook or at his website There is also the book ” How to Undo the Shit the Modern World Does to Us ” available on Amazon in paperback Kindle or Audible.

The show was recorded in January before COVID 19 made the news and changed our lives. Like many, I am in lockdown but thankfully unaffected directly by the virus. My heart goes out to those who are dealing with its consequences or have lost people.

My mind is turning as to how we move forward beyond this pandemic

It is an opportunity for a global reset; life will return to a new normal, how that impacts on our lives in the most part is out of our control. How we react and what we do is entirely within our control.

This Life passion and business is two years old, and in that time, I have met well over 100 amazing people all bringing different gifts to the world.

It is my vision to create a virtual event bringing together past guest and experts so that we may find what is needed to thrive in a post COVID world.

Are you interested? Then join the email list. Could you be a guest expert? go here and get in touch.

All I can add is stay safe from the virus but be bold in your dreams and aspirations as this is the start of something new.

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