I am looking to interview professional men on their midlife experiences. The objective is to develop the podcast with fresh ideas and supporting resources specifically for our needs.

I am not asking anything specific of you, just a willingness to talk openly within a confidential framework.

Happy to help?

Let’s hop into Zoom and explore what midlife means to you.
The booking link is:- https://paulharvey.as.me/Midlifechat

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Life Delivers a Curve Ball

When my father died in 2017 I recognized that for much of his life he had endured his journey. He settled for a career that did not inspire him, he led a vicarious life through my mother and was totally lost when she died 20 years before he did. His last years, while comfortable, were unfulfilled and he became quite cynical.

I am not my father, but at the time of his death I recognized a lot of his traits in myself and I was charting a similar cynical path. My solution was to reach out and find people who look like they have the answers, then interview them. The Life Passion & Business podcast was born out of these conversations in January 2018.

Male Midlife Challenge Crisis Depression

The Discovery. Male Midlife Transition Is Real

Midlife transitions are as real for men as they are for women. However, men do not have the visible body clock of menopause. It is often an external event that triggers a growing dissatisfaction in men. It frequently occurs around the same time that menopause occurs in women.

My father’s death caused me to stop and take a good look at my life and where I was headed. It didn’t look pretty!

Crisis or Opportunity?

It can be either or both, but let’s look at the ‘shit bits’ first. There are many factors that determine our reactions and often it comes as a crisis. I was lucky, I caught my descent, but many of the feelings on the list below ring true for me.

Midlife Crisis Symptoms:

  • Feeling unfulfilled in life.
  • Intense feelings of nostalgia, chronic reminiscence about the past.
  • Feelings of boredom, emptiness and meaninglessness.
  • Impulsive, often rash actions.
  • Dramatic changes in behaviour and appearance.
  • Marital infidelity or constant thoughts about infidelity.
  • Constantly comparing oneself to others, who seem happier or more fulfilled.
  • Intense feelings of regret, time passing.

We have all seen the stereotypical 50 year old buying a sports car, or trading in the wife for a younger model. These are reactions to the mid-life wake up call; a desire to recapture lost youth or opportunity. In others, it comes as depression or addiction.

The Opportunity

On the positive side, a healthy approach to the midlife shift can be the springboard to a second career, new hobbies and adventures. That was my journey. Looking at the above list, I made some radical changes to my life and have not looked back since.

As I said, for me it all started with the podcast. Now I am 58, the fittest I have ever been and have a new zest for life. I discovered that life can be a quest from birth to death and I can make choices on what the journey will look like.

I believe midlife is a transition point and it is up to each of us to decide what it means and how we pass through and beyond it.

Men Helping Men

Sharing What We Know

I would love to discover what this experience has been like for you. If you are in crisis, our chat may help. If it’s an unfolding opportunity, your discoveries may help others.

There’s no selling involved in this conversation, I am just looking for ideas and new insights.

Let’s talk.

The booking link is: https://paulharvey.as.me/Midlifechat