If you want to leave a better world, you need to be a leader. My guest on the podcast is convinced that it is the small business that will change the world. As the leader of an SME, you have the power to make a difference.

This show is the first in a season on leadership, and we are looking at small businesses. What people get wrong and how they should start.  

What is interesting about this week’s guest is that he has never held down a job in his life.  

When Mark Kanty was seven, his father left a high-level corporate career and bought a marine business. His father was the role model that set him on a path for life. As a child, encouraged by his family, he had numerous little business projects.

Upon completing high school, he went to college and did business studies, and on leaving, was faced with a choice. 

“When I graduated, I saw everybody else lining 70 or 80 people deep to get these junior positions at companies, and I said, that’s just not for me.”

He followed the family example and opened his own marine dealership, growing it into over $1 million in a few years, and then lost the lot as the economy turned.  He was able to close that business paying all of his debts.

We hear about those mistakes.

It was about this time that he had a severe car accident that made him re-evaluate his life choices and consider what was important.

As a leader you can leave a better world

He went on to have numerous businesses and became a business coach at a time when coaching meant teaching football or sorting out your tennis serve.

Mark’s entrepreneurial prowess spans over 40 years, where he’s created, launched, and sold numerous businesses in various industries. As a Business Strategy Coach and

Consultant, he transitioned exclusively to online services in 2005 and has been thriving as

an expert in the online coaching space ever since.
There are many lessons to be learned here. But the biggest that we discussed in detail is to start a business does not mean creating a job.

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