My guest on the show is Marques Ogden, NFL Player, Entrepreneur, and in different times Keynote Speaker. We will be talking about The Success Cycle.

Marques had some excellent family role models in his early years and was brought up to believe anything is possible. In high school, a visiting NFL player inspired him to work towards a dream. It was his dedication to focus and hard work that won him a scholarship and a place at Howard University in Washington DC. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Finance, with an emphasis on construction and cost accounting.

Building His Career

But more than that, he was the first and only young man to be drafted (while at college) to the National Football League with the Jacksonville Jaguars, playing offensive lineman. The average NFL player gets 18-24 months at the professional level. Marques stayed at the professional level for 6 years, building a solid career with the Jaguars, the Baltimore Ravens, the Buffalo Bills, and the Tennessee Titans

As said, he played well beyond the average, but the body can only take so much before the injuries get serious. At 27 he hung up the helmet and padding and went to find a life as an entrepreneur.

Along with his dedication to hard work and focus, this is when the degree in construction paid off. It allowed him and his business partner to create one of the fastest-growing companies in Baltimore, Maryland, for 2010. However, rapid growth can lead to a significant fall, and that fall was deep.

Within 3 years he lost everything. His home, cars and his pride. 

“I was a Millionaire in April 2012 by April 2013
I had just $400 to my name. and that was it. ”  

Taking Any Job He Could Get 

Playing with the NFL, Marques was on $20,000 a week; after lots of searching, the only work he could find was a custodian on the graveyard shift at $8.25/ hour.

Our conversation is the journey of his highs and lows. It takes time and dedication to get back on track and this is a beautiful story of financial rediscovery and contribution. 

Today Marques has a mission to inspire accountably within people so they discover the passion and drive to get on and achieve greatness. 

He is currently a Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, Best-selling Author and Marketing Leader, helping to build others’ success.

Thank you for joining me in conversation with Marques Ogden.

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