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Martin Murray : Rock Rose Gin

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Over the last few weeks we decided to do a spring clean of the website and it is amazing what you find when you start digging into the archives. Some of those early podcasts have great stories, that stand the test of time and of course being so early on in the life of this project they have not been seen by many people. With that in mind, I am returning this week to Martin Murray and the story of Rock Rose Gin.

Rock Rose Gin

Over the last 20 years the growth and interest in spirits in the UK has been enormous. First it was with the Whisky industry, then it was Vodka. I suspect the interest in Vodka came about because the younger generation didn’t like the alcohol their parents were drinking.

I remember when Hooch first went on sale. It was alcoholic lemonade, and was used in cocktails but never appreciated in it own right. Always being the poor cousin to Gin.

Part of the problem is that Gin was produced on a mass-production scale with the same flavour and taste. The shift came when the regulations were challenged and changed around the legal size of stills. Originally a still had to be 1800 litres which meant that the column for that still would be over 4 metres high and very much precluded small-scale production.

That law was challenged around 2009-2010 and it open the door of opportunity for craft distilling of Gin.

Martin Murray took the university route, went to look for work and discovered there was none in brewing and distilling, so ended up in the oil and gas industry. He remained there for many years until circumstances coincided with this change in the law that allowed him to start exploring the idea of opening a distillery, that is now home to the famous Rock Rose Gin.

This recorded interview was made March 2018 and since then Rock Rose Gin has grown and developed.

The company has won numerous awards for unique Gins, unique flavours and innovation. They are the first company to develop a completely recyclable gin pouch which can be posted, so it is now possible to buy Gin by mail, refill the your bottle and then return the pouch to them for recycling.

This is the story of Martin Murray, a man that has always been passionate about brewing and the drinks industry. It is his journey from a successful career in the oil and gas industry to rekindling his passion for brewing and distilling.

In our interview, you will hear about the choices he made and how it all began, the experiments, and ‘Holy Grass’. I hope you enjoy the conversation with Martin Murray.

Links from the programme:-

Rock Rose Gin is widely available in the UK and is exported to many countries.

The Distillery in Dunnet is open to the public, and you can connect with Martin through the website or his linkedin profile.

The Ted Talk mentioned can be found HERE

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