Our conversation is a healing journey about finding peace, purpose and happiness. It is a story of family values and grief, an example of a life of change and progression.

Maya grew up watching courtroom dramas from her early years and wanted to become a lawyer. Looking for the right college degree for the legal profession, a family friend advised her to get a technical degree.  

She became an associate in electrical engineering. This was in the 1980s, and not many women were taking those classes. She learned a lot about how to stand her ground and tell rude jokes with the boys.  By the time she left college, her legal career was forgotten.  

Going into the world, her career path followed the growth of the computer industry.

Changing Values

Many years later, she was travelling the US with a successful sales career when circumstances pushed her to reevaluate her life. She needed more time for her family. Two close family members were struggling with health issues, and her teenage daughter was growing up fast, and she was missing the journey. 

The time was right to make a move. She started a wedding photography business, and it flew. It did well, and her daughters joined her in the business. Together, they had nine wonderful years creatively recording the magical wedding days of couples across the US.

But in 2013, it all changed; Lindsey, her oldest daughter, developed leukaemia and died within the year, and so began the third and current iteration of Maya Manseau’s life.

Since her daughter’s passing, she has written two books “Living Intentionally After Loss: Passion and Purpose and Navigating the Small Business Path.

Peace Purpose and Happiness

Her daughter Lindsey was instrumental in Maya’s new career, which they created together in the last few months of her life.

Our conversation is about that journey and what she discovered on the way. Since then, it has become a mission to help others who are grieving some loss, to help them find themselves again, speak their truth, and turn their loss into something meaningful. 


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