Miriam Ismail exudes passion for life and always has. She credits her optimistic outlook to her mother and says she has always had the capacity to see the positive side of things, even when they are challenging.

Miriam was born in West Africa, studied in England, spent time in the Middle East and moved to Florida USA 17 years ago. In her biography she says that her extensive travelling and exposure to different cultures has enabled her to develop a deeper and better understanding of people and help them reach their maximum potential. 

Through our conversation you will discover how she has combined her passion and zest for life with her desire to enable others to excel in their own purpose and ‘mission’ in life.

Early Passion & Dedication

Early in life she had a passion for finance that grew out of watching ‘Trading Places’. So upon leaving school that is what she studied.

Miriam took a BS in Computer Science, a Masters in Finance and studied 3 years of the PhD Program in Finance. After studying she went on to become a Finance College Professor and worked in Fortune 500 investment firms in the Finance Industry. At some point she also worked in Time Management.

Her vision was far reaching. She recognised that one day she would want to move out of the fast paced world of finance and having good qualifications behind her would give her the capacity to move into teaching at a later stage in life.

Enjoying The Good Times

Miriam became a Financial Consultant at the peak of the good times, before the financial crash. She loved being involved in the energy and excitement of it all and was fortunate to have left before the crash hit.

She left the industry to become a full time mum and that is when she took up meditating and doing yoga. This led to interests in other alternative therapies and she found the topic fascinating. Although it was all a far cry from finance, she discovered she had a natural passion for the subject. 

Whenever friends came to her for advice she would share what she was learning and found that added to the joy of it all.

“It’s like it’s my true calling.”

Expanding Focus

Miriam realized that her passion for finance was not just about the excitement of the industry, but also about the well-being of her clients. Moving into alternative health would give her the opportunity to expand on that by supporting the well-being of mind, body and soul. And that is when she ventured into the world of Energy Healing and Coaching.

“When you are blessed enough to know what your mission on earth is, I feel this is really a major part of feeling successful”

Sharing Her Gifts

Miriam’s aim with all her practitioner work is to give people the end of the rope that enables them to become their own therapist. She is always fascinated with new topics so she is committed to keep learning new things and sharing her knowledge with others.

“I love having students, not clients. So what I do with these (alternative therapy) modalities is not ‘treat’ people, I ‘teach’ people. I want every person to be their own healer.”

I asked Miriam what she wanted to share with my viewers and she responded with the three things she wants to share with you.

The first is to know that we are energy beings having a human experience and we are here on a mission. Once we know and understand this our whole perspective changes.

She recommends treating time efficiently and wisely and she also suggests focussing on learning and evolving in whatever topic you are aligned with. 

Fulfilling Your Calling

Miriam believes these three things offer the ultimate step to having a fulfilling life. She believes this is because everything we learn takes us further into life and that is where we will learn what our true calling and ‘mission’ in life is.

Although we come at life from different backgrounds and perspectives there is a lot of alignment in what Miriam and I want for our clients. If you would like to learn more about Miriam and her eclectic approach to alternative therapies you will find all the links to her website and social channels below.

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