Is your credibility important? You need to feel you are, but more importantly, Are you Credible? because your potential clients need to believe it first. But how do we get there? 

Our guest on the show this week is Mitchell Levy,  from Credibility Nation, and as you will hear, we both discovered and learned much from this conversation.

Mitchell Levy has had a long and classically successful business career, from banking to internet systems and more. He has several publishing companies supporting business leaders to write books and has written over 60 of his own. He has spoken at TEDx events and is an executive coach at Marshall Goldsmith’s 100 Coaches—an accomplished man.

Back in 2019, he was looking for a change and decided to follow Napoleon Hill’s steps. He set out to interview 500 executives on success and credibility. The findings from that research have changed his life.

He has discovered that how we do business has changed forever, and it will never go back. Credibility is key.

So join me in this conversation to explore Mittchel’s journey and discover some key tools for your credibility. 

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