Talk about global impact. My guest on the show creates stories with her words and has captivated audiences worldwide with her powerful presentations.

But how that all began is one of those stories of the unexpected.  

What does a girl do when some money arrives out of the blue just before her birthday? For my guest, that would normally have meant a party. But this year was different, it felt like there was a reason for this money to arrive.

Moira Ní Ghallachóir was born in Donegal but left to explore the world. She was living the London Life as a youth worker. From her Instagram feed, she was having a ball. But in reality, it was draining her soul, and there was a desire for something more.

When the money arrived with a birthday coming up, she saw it as a gift and packed a small bag, her journal and took the Eurostar to Paris.

Sitting in a cafe, with coffee, croissant and journal, mulling over her future – the phone rings. On the screen comes up the word ‘Home’. That is the moment that changed Moira’s life. It was the signal to go home to Ireland.

On returning to Donegal she saw the place with new eyes and wanted to share it. She told the story and became a one-woman tourist development agency.

Our conversation is about her journey from uninspired Youth Worker to Irish Tourism to Business Mentor and International Speaker.  And as she explains, success is reflected in the transformative experiences.

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