On the show today I have Monique Nelson she is a certified health coach. The programme is about food.

My food-related guest is timely, as you may have noticed in last week’s programme. I have become a bit of a food forager. I mentioned my success with fungi and the abundance of apples. Did you check-in with the neighbour, I can assure you they have more apples than they know how to use.

Leeched acornsThis week I noticed the acorns littering the ground during my forest run. Of course, they are squirrel food, but they are edible if the tannin is leeched out in water. It is the tannin makes them bitter and will upset the stomach.

Leeched nuts can be roasted and eaten like chestnuts, or ground to a powder and used as a coffee substitute ( caffeine free).  The raw leeched nuts can be ground into a flour for cakes and biscuits.


Following a bit of experimenting, I now know why most of the Acorns in the UK stay on the ground. There is not a lot to be said for roasted acorns they taste of nothing. I have not tried the coffee and will give the baking a miss.

A Glimpse of the Bloody Obvious

I guess this is what you could call a glimpse of the bloody obvious.

Because if acorns were good to eat, as children, we would have been collecting them. Then our parents would have prepared and roasted them for the family.

That does not happen because acorns are best left as food for the squirrels.

However, it was a useful exercise, an exploration of free food. To be fair on further reading, the best nuts come from the right tree as some taste better than others.

Monique Nelson and healthy eating

Monique NelsonThat brings me to today’s guest Monique Nelson, she is Canadian currently living all over the world. I met her last year on a mastermind weekend in Brighton.

Following the mastermind, she committed to change and move forward. In June 2017 she left the stable corporate life in Canada. It was time to travel and to explore her interest in health and nutrition.


Professional House and Pet Sitter

Monique NelsonHaving sold her home and leaving Canada, she became a professional house and pet sitter. That means travelling and staying in peoples homes and looking after pets while they are away.

Yes, that really is possible.

As well as house sitting in the spring 2018 Monique completed her training and qualified as an IN certified Health Coach. Currently, she does a little one on one coaching as travel allows and is in the process of creating online programmes for people to improve their diet and health.

Here mission is to help people become happier, and thereby healthier, no matter where they are in life, or whatever difficulties there may be. Much of that will be accomplished with better food.

This a gentle conversation with a gentle soul changing the world through better eating.

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